Welcome to Braidwoods Restaurant

Braidwoods is run by husband and wife team, Keith and Nicola Braidwood. Both partners are “Master Chefs of Great Britain”.

Latest Update – Currently we are still kept in tier 3 , but unfortunately there is a possibility we could go to tier 4 next week , when , if , we don’t know. All we can do is wait, sorry for the uncertainty, it’s difficult to know what to say regarding bookings, other than all dinner reservations are cancelled I’m afraid . Thanks once again , sorry there is no more optimistic news on the run up to Christmas, Nicola and Keith

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us , it means the world, Nicola and Keith.

To all our loyal customers, ( a lot have become good friends) over the past 26 Years Keith and I would like to thank you from  the bottom of our hearts. It’s been a blast and we’ve have loved nearly every moment!

We will be retiring the restaurant at Christmas but hope to take Braidwoods in a different direction in the near future. We plan to do something a little less stessful part – time but nothing concrete planned, not quite at the pipe and slipper stage yet!

As our regulars have been returning after lockdown I have informed them and the reaction has been quite emotional!


The restaurant has a Michelin star (we are the only Ayrshire restaurant to have this award) and has just been awarded it again for the 21st consecutive year which makes us the longest running Michelin Star holder in Scotland. The Braidwood’s’ careers read like a run-down of Britain’s greatest gastronomic temples, having worked and gained experience in the Peat Inn, the Royal Oak at Yattendon, Murrayshall House and Shieldhill Hotel amongst others.

Braidwoods is now celebrating 25 years in business.

Nicola is a former Scottish Young Chef of the Year, Keith earned the immensely prestigious Acorn Award in 1993. The awards and plaudits have flowed ever since including a coveted Michelin Star  and the AA “Best Restaurant in Scotland, Year 2000”.

At the heart of their philosophy however, is a devotion to the finest ingredients, mostly sourced locally, and a fantastic respect for the traditions of haute-cuisine: painstaking preparation, freshly made stocks and sauces and terrific attention to detail, as shown in their homemade pastas, breads and chocolates.

The Braidwoods cooking blends this tradition with a creative flare and many modern twists on classic themes. Locally caught seafood and the best Scottish lamb, deer and game-birds are staples of their ever-changing menu, but so are subtle use of more exotic herbs and spices.

Braidwoods is ideally located near many of Scotland top golf courses.